Monday, February 15, 2010

The Doctors Office

I am sitting at the doctor’s office waiting to see my Doctor for what seems one too many visits this year. It got me thinking that the Doctor is one of the people in our world that really wants to do us good but whom we may not want to see. So I am sitting here wondering if there are any other parallels like this in our lives. Things that really do us good but are sometimes a pill we would rather not swallow. Things like discipline, correction or wisdom, things that are right and true that we don’t want to or refuse to hear or apply to our lives. What about playing it safe rather than exercising faith. Thinking more about what we perceive to be our personal rights, desires, wants or demands, with no consideration of the needs of others or the common good of all. Jesus said to Peter, at the moment you predominantly do as YOU please, but the day will come when others will lead you where you don’t want to go. When you’ll be prepared to do what others want you to do. And after this he said follow me. That’s a huge call in most people’s lives follow me where you are not prepared to go. Chuck Palahniuk a writer in 1962 said, “Don’t do what you want. Do what you don’t want. Do what your trained or taught to do. Do the things that scare you the most”. Living our best Life always demands more of us than we’d like to give sometimes. But it’s important to realise that things we DON’T like are sometimes really good for us and something’s that we really DO like are not always the best for us. Ahhh just been in to the doctor, off to South Africa for 10 days. He just gave me Hep A Booster shot. Really bad headache and a little dizzy, think I’ll lie down for a minute. I’m sure this is doing me good!!

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