Saturday, March 5, 2011

Right Judgments

So many People today unwisely assume that Judgment is something a Christian shouldn't do.
They Misquote Matthew 7:1 which is in fact talking about making right Judgments. It is not asking us to make no Judgments at all. We are in fact called to make righteous judgments to bring truth to a persons life based on the principles of Gods word. This is something if we love someone we will be able and willing to bring. Matthew 7 is actually talking about not judging someone when the same sin is in you. It uses the example of not taking a splinter out of someone's eye when there's a log protruding out of your eye. This is not talking about NEVER making a judgment but about making judgments with the right measure. The scripture actually says an unbalanced judgment is an abomination to the lord, therefore a balanced judgment is a delight to the lord. 1 Corth 14:28 Says that prophesy is subject to Judgment. 1 Corth 10:15 Paul says I speak to you as wise men and he asks them to Judge what he says. 1 Corth 6:1 - Says we will judge the world and one day and in fact judge Angels. He then asks the question, could not one wise person be found among you who can make Judgments between each other. This is in fact a rebuke to them for not making good and Godly judgments. He actually uses the words I speak this to your shame that no one will make these Judgments. In 1 Corth 5 he also talks about being able to make very strong Judgments. In Romans 6:15 Paul says should we, because of God's Grace allow sin to abound, his answer is God forbid. Which is in fact a judgment in and of itself. It also maybe wise to remember that the words Judgment and Justice are close relatives you often can not have one with out the other. Lets love people wisely.

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