Saturday, May 21, 2011

The 10 Top Things to do the day after you thought the world would end....

10 - Rebuy all the things you sold on ebay because you wouldn't need them again

9 - Email your boss and beg for your job back

8 - Pay the monthly bills you've been refusing to pay so you can get the water and electricity reconnected

7 - Renegotiate the Life Insurance Policy you canceled because you thought you wouldn't need it

6 - Buy some spray paint to overspray the signs that read World ends Dec 21 to World Ending Real Soon - get back to you on the date.

5 - Go apologise to all those friends you thought the time was right to tell what you really thought

4 - Write a Cook Book on 101 different ways to cook with baked beans because now the pantry is full of them you'll be eating baked beans in 101 different ways

3 - Try and work out were you left your car days earlier as you raced through the street from door to door telling people the world would end

2 - Start showering again

1 - Turn the huge boatlike structure you where working on in the back yard into an interesting pergola .

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