Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Facebook fail - 10 things Christians should avoid posting on line...

1 Your grievances with someone, leaving out their name, with a description that makes it clear to everyone who you are talking about. 2 Your grievances with someone, including their name, that makes it clear to everyone who you are talking about. 3 Your grievances and your strong opinions about things that upset you using the words RANT OVER! Because clearly its not over if you leave it on your timeline for the rant to live on with the same intensity it began. 4 Mindlessly reposing strong statements about people you don't know and cant verify. As Christians we have a responsibility to truth not hear say. 5 Conspiracy theories because 99.9 present of the time they are outrageously untrue. 6 Viral causes, as often there can be a back story that comes to light much slower than these viral causes travel...Christian have inadvertently been caught up in moral questions that come to light after their participation. 7 Negative criticisms of political leaders, personal assaults and media driven untruths or half truths. On moral and biblical issues I believe we can make comment though, making certain it is confirmed by multiple independent sources given with respect. 8 Open ended questions in an attempt to get people questioning faith, moral, ethical or biblical issues. You never know who's watching and what conclusions they are determining without anyone to assist them come to peace on a subject. We are held responsible if others stumble because of our actions. 9 Expressing negative opinion of the Church often these conclude sweeping generalisations and misrepresent the incredible nature of the church and the amazing generous spirit invested by these pastors, leaders and volunteers. These people give there lives away daily for the cause of Christ and most are deserving of our respect. The church is Christ's work and his bride. Take it easy and don't touch what is precious to God. Its not perfect but that is already stated in God's word anyway. Christ is perfecting Her, She is not perfect yet but neither are you. He without sin comes to mind! 10 Any kind of division, "don't leave online". Don't announce your breakup with a friend, partner, employer or church. Don't leave and inform all your face book friends of you action, reasons and grievances in the heat of the moment. Remember God is not in favor of division. If you have something against your brother go to them personally in love and in private. If you cant do that just forget it and forgive it.

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