Friday, February 4, 2011

Lessons from Cyclone Yasi

Someone who claims to be a prophet said that he was praying against Cyclone Yasi but the Lord stopped him because "God was going to let this disaster come upon our nation, so that people will turn back to God. "I just cannot pray for protection", he said "as God is not letting me do so. I believe that God is going to let this disaster come upon our nation".... He did after the cyclone hit though attempt to show a compassionate side by saying "I hardly slept as I kept getting up all through the night and was led to pray in tongues for most part of the night. I asked God that there should be no lives lost". Maybe his second response after hearing of the reports would have been the best response in the first place.

Christians, we have been given an authority in God and Yasi is a real lesson to us in the power of God available when Christians pray in unity. Trial and tribulation is part of life and it does craft our character when and if it hits, but I believe God to be a redemptive, forgiving, grace giving, miracle working God who loves us more than we will ever imagine this side of eternity.
When I heard of Yasi forming I was immediately impressed, I believe by God, to stand against the cyclone even before it formed. I told a number of my friends that it was going to turn back or lose its ability to be damaging and I maintained my rage against the thing for days before and during. Our church held a prayer meeting and a large portion of the night was dedicated to standing our ground against it. I also noticed on Facebook that many other churches had done the same. I personally experienced such a supernatural sense of faith that God was going to intervene and others who heard me go on record with this prior to the cyclone, would back this up. I don't know why this was so strong, maybe after the floods a righteous anger came on me, I'm not sure, all I know is the strength of faith I felt for North Qld and that Queensland was not to suffer again like it had.
I have no doubt that the catastrophic event predicted by people who dedicate their lives to know what they are talking about, never materialised, even though it crossed our coast with wind strength like never seen before. Not one life lost, no major injury and while damage to property in some areas was real and present it was nothing like it could have been or should have been. Storm surge was minimal. At its peak, while record wave heights where being recorded the tide was at its lowest. I could go on about the many stories of protection. One woman who went through Cyclone Larry and others that had hit the North said it was like the cyclone from hell, much worse than Larry. She said she and her daughter felt like it was going to suck them up through the roof. In one small town many of the residents were sheltering in the town hall that was ripped to the ground around them, yet not one injury was recorded. I have no doubt North Queensland has seen an amazing "Miraculous event" because Christians prayed.
It's been interesting watching the media searching for words to explain it, trying to avoid words like "Miracle". Col Stringer said in a note he posted..."I heard one TV announcer shake his head in amazement as he declared. 'Australia never dodged a bullet, it dodged an Exocet Missile!" Keep praying church and, as we see God act again and again, eventually the media will run out of spin and be forced to call it what it really is - Miraculous.
James 5 : 16 -18 "The prayer of a righteous person has great power. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit."
I personally will never forget Yasi. It will always be a reminder to me of the gift of Faith and the authority we have in God. Church let's continue to believe for further miraculous intervention in our nation - the GREAT SOUTH LAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
In conclusion let me state what needs to be stated again and again..... Thank you God for delivering North Queensland from what would have been a catastrophe of epic proportions..... God you are so Great.

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