Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grace is free, never cheap.

Jesus loved people, He didn’t patronise them. One of the greatest acts of love is to lead people to truth not just tranquility, to assist them to change not stay the way they are. Change in people is not just an act of the Holy Spirit, it's the highest calling of the Gospel. Jesus said "make disciples" (Learners) The first thing Peter said after Pentecost was repent (change your moral stance) and then you will receive the Holy Spirit. Always remember it's only truth that sets people free! It's my belief that grace is not a license to live in our old nature "anyway we want" but a doorway out of the prison of sin, and a pathway into the freedom of abundant life. Our love must always have as an outcome to see people live in the potential of their salvation not bound by the limits of their life. Jesus not only said to the woman caught in the act of adultery, "I don't condem you" he also said "Go and sin no more!" The first is only beautiful in light of the latter.

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